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"Macha lifting the Curse of War from the World of Man."

©Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall
Cheryl Rose-Hall and Toby Hall welcome you the Rose Hall website featuring Cheryl's oil paintings in which she creats the opportunity to look at the past, present and future as history whilst it is still possible to change it.

Macha who had suffered from the 'war mentality' in the past realises that not just she but the world has suffered enough from the ravages of war. In this painting she is seen lifting the 'curse of war' from Mankind. Here we have 'new-myth' as a vechile to express change in the contemporary world. The intent of the artist during the creation of the image is key to initiating a new perspective with the intent of leading us away from poor choices and laying the course to a more harmonious future. Invisage-inspire-improve the genesis of 'Neo-mythic Art'®

"The Return of Setanta"

© Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall

Setanta is back! The hound is back and they are not pleased by needless despoliation of the environment,often due to a lack of integrated planning. The forcing of roads through Meath and Tara and pylons through Roscommon, Sligo, Donegal and beyond, the cost? ~Undisclosed... options not even considered

© Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall
Long ago at the Mound of the White Horse at Narrow Water on the shores of Carlingford Lough, Ireland, White Horses were sacrificed. This painting title, 'The mound of the White Horse, is the first in a series if paintings based on the heritage of Cooley and Mourne region by artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose Hall.

This painting entitled Unicorn Visions,has been used to create high quality twin size quilt with sheets and printed sham. It features the Mound and the Narrow Water Castle. The castle was rebuilt in 1560 from an earlier Hugh de Lacy castle built on the site in 1212 where prior to that the Vikings had a stronghold at Narrow Water.

An Cailleach, Origional Oil Painting by ©Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall.

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